This Privacy Policy contains information on how Golden Boy Technology & Innovation Srl (hereinafter, the Company) uses and protects the personal information of each user.

1 Purpose

1.1 The following Privacy Policy describes how the Company treats the personal data of each user for the services available on the site (hereinafter also called the Site).

1.2 By accepting the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Contract with Users when registering, you consent in your own and/or in the name and on behalf of the other players of the same match to the processing, use, storage and disclosure of your personal data and images by the Company.

2 Controller of personal data processing

By using the services offered on the site, you expressly agree that Golden Boy Technology & Innovation Srl - a company incorporated under the Italian law, with registered office in Piazza Filippo Meda. 5, VAT number, tax code and registration in the Register of Companies of Milan 08012960962 - is the controller of your personal data and also processes your personal data for the provision of all services under the Terms of Contract with the Users, the Privacy Policy, the principles referred to therein and the laws applicable from time to time.

3 Collection of personal data

3.1 You can access and browse the Site without revealing your identity or other personal information about yourself to the Company. After you have provided the Company with your personal data, you are no longer anonymous for it. If you choose to provide the Company with your personal data, you also consent to the collection and use of these data and images of yours by the Company as described in this Privacy Policy.

3.2 The Company may collect and store, among others, the following personal data:

(A) first and last name, email address, address of residence and/or domicile and telephone number, date of birth and, only where applicable and required by specific user-chosen method of payment, financial information, such as the credit card and/or account number;
(B) information on activities performed by you through the Site, including the video content related to your account;
(C) information on the shipping, billing and/or other information provided by you to purchase a product and/or a video service;
(D) messages published in the forums on the Site, correspondence and, in any case, any type of documentation sent to the Company through the Site;
(E) information acquired by your interaction with the Site, services, content (including video content) and advertising, including computer and connection information, statistics on the number of contacts, traffic to and from the Site, advertising data, IP address and, in any case, any type of standard information on access to the Internet;
(F) any further information you will be required by the Company in order to enable it to verify your identity authenticity and/or violation of the rules of the Site and/or the Conditions of Contract with Users (for example, the Company may require you to submit a valid identity document to verify your address or answer further questions to verify your identity);
(G) information and/or data obtained lawfully by other companies (including demographic data and/or data related to online navigation); or
(H) any additional information you have provided to the Company.

4 Consent to the use of data for marketing purposes

4.1 If you do not wish to receive commercial communications by the Company or participate in its advertising customization programs, you may simply express your refusal by sending an email to, or follow the directions given in the communication and/or trade message.

5 Use of personal data by the Company

The Company provides for the collection of your personal data primarily to provide you a safe, smooth, efficient and customized service. By accepting the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and the Conditions of Contract with Users at the time of registration, you authorize the Company to use your personal data (including video content related to the same) for, among others, the following purposes:

(A) provide services and customer support at your request;
(B) resolve any disputes, collect fees due and define positively any problem;
(C) prevent potentially prohibited and/or illegal activities and enforce the Conditions of Contract with Users;
(D) customize, measure and improve our services, content and advertising offered on the Site;
(E) inform you of the services offered on the Website and those of other entities related to the Company, send commercial information, service updates, and promotional offers based on your communication preferences; or
(F) compare and verify the accuracy of the data provided during the registration on the Site with third parties
(G) associate your data to information that it may collect from other companies and use it to improve and personalize services, content (including video content) and advertising offered on the Site.

6 Personal information disclosure scope

6.1 The Company reserves the right to disclose the personal information provided by you in order to respond to legal requirements, enforce the rules of the Site and/or answer any disputes which concern, among other things, a video, its contents and/or violation of rights of any kind (including intellectual property rights), of other users and/or third parties.

6.2 The Company may share the personal data provided by you with:

(A) other legal entities related to the Company and/or other companies used by the Company in order to provide joint contents and services (such as payment methods made available for the payment of fees due and/or the proceeds thereof), help detect and prevent potentially illegal activities and/or guide decisions about the video products and services offered;
(B) providers of services with which the Company has established a contractual relationship for the management of its activities (by way of example, to investigate violations of the law, invoice collection, debt collection, affiliate programs, etc.);
(C) other third parties to whom you expressly request that the Company send your personal data;
(D) the police or other government officials, in order to respond to requests for criminal investigations and/or alleged illegal activities carried on and/or through the Site. In the above cases, the Company will disseminate the information and all the useful and/or necessary data for the completion of its investigation.

7 Sharing your data on the Site

7.1 Your user ID is displayed throughout the site and is equally available to all visitors of the Site. Each visitor will be able, therefore, to view the video content related to you and the comments, if any.

7.2 If you access the site from a public computer or one made available in an Internet point, the user information in question may be visible to other individuals who use the computer after you. To this end, after having access to the Site using a public computer or Internet cafe, we recommend you disconnect from the site by removing the related cookies.

8 Dissemination by each user of video contents on platforms and/or social networks

8.1 The Company, in order to ensure better dissemination and use of video services offered through the Site, enables you to share (under your sole responsibility) video content related to you that depict you, other users and/or third parties, on other platforms and/or social networks. To this end, you will have to communicate the procedures adopted by you regarding privacy and, in any case, respect the privacy of other users. You also should keep in mind that if you share information and/or video content publicly, such information and content may be indexed by search engines.

8.2 The Company is not able to guarantee the privacy and/or security of the video content and/or personal data that you choose to share with another and/or with third parties on other platforms and/or social networks (different from the Site). In all cases, you will have to respect the law on protection of personal data, not to share video content containing language and/or behavior contrary to public morality, blasphemous, provocative and/or threatening, and recognize at all times to other users the possibility to request the deletion of their images, name and data from the computer platforms and/or social networks used for the dissemination of the video content in question and verify which information and personal data you have collected about them.

8.3 By accepting the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and Conditions of Contract with Users at the time of registration, you also agree to use other users’ images and information solely for purposes related to:

(A) the use of services offered through the Site (including, by way of example but not limited to, the display of video content services that depict the user during each game action of the match and the sending of complaints); or, additionally,
(B) any other additional purpose specified and agreed by the user.

9 Use of cookies

9.1 The Company uses the so-called cookies (text files that contain information about who uses the browser to surf the Internet) on some pages of the Site, in order to be able to analyze the access to web pages, customize its services, content, advertising and/or provide security within the Site.

9.2 Through the use of cookies, the Company, among other things:

(A) provides users with the special features that are only available through the cookies themselves;
(B) it is able to identify you by allowing you not to enter repeatedly the personal identification password.

9.3 The Company uses mainly the cookies that are automatically deleted at the end of each session; you can, in any case, decline cookies freely.

9.4 Finally, it is noted that you can run into cookies set by third parties on certain pages of the site on which the Company has no control (for example, during the display of a web page created by another user).

10 Prohibition on spamming, spyware and/or counterfeit email

10.1 The Company will not tolerate spamming phenomena, consistent in sending unwanted and unsolicited material and/or information of commercials and/or advertising. No user is allowed to include another user’s address (even in the case of a user with which the first has entered into game actions during a game portrayed in video contents published on the Site) in address lists (email and/or mail) without his/her express consent. In this regard, we invite you to report cases of spamming and/or counterfeit email address to the Society by sending an email to

10.2 It is therefore absolutely forbidden to send commercial and/or advertising emails and/or, in any way, any other content that violates the Terms of Agreement with the Users and/or this Privacy Policy. The Company will carry out an automatic verification of messages and may use manual filters to check for spam, viruses, attempts to acquire personal data, engage in other illegal activities or transmit illegal and/or prohibited content, without any obligation, for it, to permanently store messages sent through these tools.

11 User account protection

11.1 The password is the only "key" that allows you to log in to your account on the Site. To this end, we recommend that you use numbers, letters and/or special characters and do not disclose your password to third parties. If you choose to provide your password and/or personal information to third parties, you will be responsible for all acts performed with the use of your account and, if you were to lose control of your password, you might no longer be able to control the use that others make of your personal information and might be subject to legally binding actions taken on your behalf.

11.2 In light of this, if now, for any reason, your password appears lost, compromised and/or violated, we suggest that you report it to the Company and change it immediately.

12 Access, control and modification of personal data

12.1 You can, at any time, view, verify and/or modify most of the data saved on your account. As a general rule, the Company does not change each user’s personal information manually, in view of the difficulty of verifying his/her identity remotely. We therefore ask you to update the data in case of changes and/or inaccuracies.

12.2 The Company will close your account and remove your personal data as soon as reasonably possible and in accordance with applicable regulations, upon your specific request forwarded to User Support. The Company will retain, in accordance with the current regulations, video content and personal data associated with accounts closed in order to comply with the applicable laws, prevent fraud and/or violations, collect any outstanding fees, settle disputes and/or problems, offer assistance in case of any investigations, enforce the Terms of Agreement with Users and take any further action in accordance with the law. For any further information, we still invite you to contact User Assistance.

13 Data security

The Company processes personal data of its users as an asset to be protected, and uses a number of tools (encryption, passwords, physical-layer security, etc.) to that end, in order to protect such personal information from unauthorized access and/or dissemination activities. However, we point out how third parties may intercept and/or illegally access to data and/or private communications transmissions, and, consequently, other users may use personal user data collected on the Site in an unlawful and/or inappropriate manner. To this end, the Company will do everything possible to protect the privacy of its users, but will in no case provide and/or ensure that such personal data and/or the related private communications will always remain private.

14 Third subjects

Unless explicitely indicated in this Privacy Policy, this document addresses only the use and/or the disclosure of licensed video content and/or data provided by you. In no event shall the Company control privacy rules adopted by third parties, and you will be subject, therefore and where applicable, to the privacy policies of such third parties.

15 Miscellaneous

The titles of articles, paragraphs and hyperlinks contained in these Conditions of Contract with Users are inserted solely to facilitate the reading and can not be used for purposes of interpretation of the contractual provisions contained herein.

15.2 The Company may change the contents of the Privacy Policy at any time by posting the new version of the same Site with a general notice on the Site. Unless otherwise specified, all new terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy will automatically be effective fifteen (15) days from the date of publication on the Site.

15.3 For any queries in relation to the Privacy Policy, you can write to the data controller to the following address:
Golden Boy Technology & Innovation S.r.l.
Piazza Filippo Meda n. 5, 20121 - Milan (Italy)
Tel: +39 02780492 Fax: +39 02781370

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