At the Sports Center

  • Touch the screen of PostGol kiosk
  • Insert your email and accept the Terms & Data Policy
  • Press START to start recording
  • The cameras record the match for 60 minutes
  • You immediately receive an email to confirm that you are currently recording your match

After the match

  • Within a few hours (max 24 hrs) you receive an email as soon as your match is visible on with the link
  • To watch your match, sign up or login through Facebook.
  • Go to "MATCHES" and select the Sports Center, the date and the hour you played. If you are unsure about the hour, leave "Anytime".
  • From the whole match create your 20" highlights with possibility to add zoom & slow motion effects.
  • Share your highlights! The more views you get, the more visibility you obtain for our Talent Scouts and the more prices you can win!

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