How can I watch the video of my match?
Select the date, time and name of the center where you played in the Matches Page. Alternatively, you may use the code you received in the mail that we sent you when you started recording the video in the sports center. Insert the code in the Search bar located in the upper right of the Home Page.
Can I download the video of my match?
No, this is not possible. However, you may download your video highlights.
For how long can I watch the video of my match?
You have access to your video for 30 days. Your highlights, however, stay forever.
How long is a highlight?
A highlight is 15 sec long. If you put the slow motion on, it is 25 sec long.
How does my avatar evolve and how can I win the prizes at stake?
All the rules of PostGol gamification are explained here
I didn't receive any e-mail from you concerning my subscription/password change etc.
Please check you SPAM folder
How are the Privacy rights treated?
When you use PostGol you accept our Policy and Conditions.

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