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Are you a Sport Centre?

Why choose PostGol:
  • > +18% bookings on PostGol pitches
  • > + team subscriptions for tournaments
  • > You include a video Service on your Birthday Offers
  • > Parents have videos of their kids' trainings
  • > More revenues from the Bar: players stay after their match to watch their videos
  • > New Sponsors for your Sport Centre attracted by PostGol visibility
  • > A unique technology patented in 146 countries
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Find out about your physical stats!
Each player wears a PostGol wristband during the match to keep track of the miles run, calories burned, average/max speed, number of sprints and much more.

Keep track of your progresses and compare them with your teammates!
Create your highlights during the match!
Press the button on the wristband after a goal, a nutmeg or a flop that you want to share with your friends: the system automatically creates a video of the previous 20 sec!

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